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Buy Less, Adventure More

The Dirtbag lifestyle has become a part of the outdoorsman's lore. The dirtbag is an individual who has forsaken most modern comforts for the opportunity to do some really kick-ass stuff. Whether the dirtbag is a climber, paddler, backpacker, or many … [Read more]

Canyonlands Sunset

#Desert #sunset in Canyonlands National park … [Read more]

Golden Green Trees

Golden green in the North Carolina #mountains #nc #nature … [Read more]

Carport Owl

Owl in the Carport! … [Read more]

Ginkgo Tree Leaves

Ginkgo tree leaves cover the sidewalk in the Germantown neighborhood of #Nashville … [Read more]

Fall Colors in Nashville

#fall colors still abound in #Nashville! #nature #trees … [Read more]

On Getting Out of the Way

I had a great conversation with Jedd Rose of Topo Designs this week. Eventually, it will be a podcast episode everyone will be able to share, which I'm super-excited about. But I wanted to share something Jedd talked about that I think has important … [Read more]

Why I Returned my Lifeproof Fre Case

After receiving my iPhone 5 in the mail, I almost immediately order my LifeProof case. A friend of mine had on for his iPhone 4 and liked it, also picking up the bike mount for rides. It sounded wonderful, a near-bulletproof case that wasn't too … [Read more]

Running an Ultra Marathon: Technical Aspects of Training, Gear, and Nutrition

Note: This article is about my training for the 2012 Mt Mitchell Challenge.  Training Program As I stated before, I followed a regiment of training consistently at low intensity. For the first 2 weeks, I ran 3-4 days a week, with a long run of … [Read more]

Trail Runner Article

Great news everyone, my guest article has been published by Trail Runner magazine! I really appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the leading trail running publication, and would be honored if you would go check it out! If you like it, please … [Read more]